The Rotary Club of Ridgefield is hosting the Fifth Annual Ridgefield Gone Country BBQ Festival, to again be held the first weekend of May.

11 AM to 9 PM on Saturday May 5th

11 AM to 5 PM on Sunday May 6th

This festival, held along our picturesque New England Main Street, will include national, regional and local championship BBQ teams. The Northeast Barbecue Society and the Kansas City Barbecue Society have sanctioned us, and Gov. Malloy designated this the State of CT Championship. There will be food, rides, music and family entertainment all weekend long. Proceeds will benefit Rotary-sponsored community grants.

Over 5000 people attended last year, and as it’s our fifth year and we are expecting over 6000 this year. This event draws a great mix of people from across the Hudson Valley and the NY Metro Area. By signing up as a vendor, your business will be part of our comprehensive media campaign, resulting in broad-based, multi-media publicity and heightened visibility to a wide demographic.

Juried Spaces will be limited, so this will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up for your space early!


BBQ Food Vendor: 20’ x 20’ booth, media package as below. $600 for both days

Other Food Vendor (Large Site): 10’ x 20’ booth, media package as below. $500 for both days

Other Food Vendor: 10’ x 10’ booth (small site), media package as below. $400 for both days

Commercial Non-Food Vendor: 10’ x 10’ booth, media package as below. $300 for both days

Non-Profit: 10’ x 10’ booth, media package as below. $100 for both days


All vendor fees are non-refundable, and festival will be held weather permitting. A fee of $25 will be charged for all checks returned not payable. Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, tents, etc.


Booth setup begins at 12:00 PM on Friday May 4th. Gates to the setup area will be closed at 8:00 PM on Friday. Booth setup may also occur on Saturday May 5th. Gates will be opened at 6:00 AM and setup will last until 10:00 AM. Vehicles used to bring in equipment and supplies must be moved off-site no later than 10:00 AM. There will be a designated vendor parking area. This is to ensure the safety of all vendors and fair attendees. During the event, no vehicles other than food-serving trucks or vans will be allowed in the vendor space.

Booth must be in presentable order by 10:30 AM on both days. If vendor wishes to remove inventory or equipment from their booth on Saturday evening, this may be done after 9:00 PM up until 10:00 PM, at which point vehicle access will be closed for the night. Vendor may not break down booth until 5:00 PM on Sunday. The movement of vehicles while fair attendees are still on the grounds can become dangerous. If you need to bring in anything during public hours make sure that you have a handcart for heavy items.

Festival Management is not responsible for security of items in booth spaces after hours.  Keep merchandise locked in vendor’s truck or van during times when vendor’s booth is unattended.


There are a limited number of outlets available and all requests may not be satisfied. No more than one 20-amp outlet will be provided to any vendor. Standard electricity (regular 110V plug) is available for general use only such as lighting or similar power needs as outlined in the application; please bring a 100’ extension cord and outdoor-rated power strips for your electrical hookup.

Hookup of refrigerators, deep fryers, AC units and other appliances are not allowed. If you have higher electrical requirements than general lighting, you must bring your own quiet run generator.

The vendor must provide mats to cover exposed electric wires on the ground in vendor or customer traffic areas.

The vendor must comply with Ridgefield CT rules and regulations of the Food License and direction of the Police Department and Fire Marshall.


Trash must be removed regularly and be deposited by each vendor in the dumpster provided, NOT in trash barrels placed for the use of festival guests. Trash cannot accumulate at booths. Port-a-potties will be provided.


Water is available for free. Water pressure may be low at times due to existing infrastructure.


Ice will be available at a minimal cost.

Requirements from the Ridgefield Town Fire Marshal

PROPANE: Small propane tanks need to be secured by either being tied to a stake or a multi 1/2-gallon milk container square tray, which are used to hold multiple 1/2 milk containers. This is so they do not fall over.

Propane tanks may not be under a tent and must be 10 ft away from the appliance.

Large propane tanks need to be secured by tying them to a stake, again so they do not fall over.

If anyone Vendor or RV contestant is bringing the above mentioned propane tanks they need to bring a “K type” fire extinguisher.

CT regulations allow propane tank connections to be made during a public event only by licensed plumbers or propane company personnel. Manifolds to connect multiple tanks are recommended if multiple tanks will be required for a given piece of equipment so that no connections need be made during the hours open to the public. The Town of Ridgefield will inspect all propane installations on Saturday morning, 8:00 AM, for inspection compliance.

PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: must have a tag indicating that they have been inspected within the last 12 months. An extinguisher with at least 10 pounds capacity must be mounted near the exit in any booth or trailer with cooking facilities, including grills and deep fryers.

Health Dept. Permit:

Food Vendor must apply for a temporary food service license; this applies to any vendor preparing foods for on-site consumption. Application also on our website, under Vendors tab.

Food products sold by anyone other than a registered vendor must be packaged in a way that the intention is for off-premise consumption.  This may include bottled and sealed salsa, dips, etc.

Taxable Merchandise:

Vendors selling taxable merchandise should hold a valid CT tax number. Festival Management will not be checking for the sales tax permit, however, a representative from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services may or may not appear at the festival and be checking. Those without permits will assume all risks. If vendor does not have such a number, they may apply for one by filling out form REG-1:

It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain the CT tax number and display their Sales & Use Tax Permit at their booth.


Insurance Waiver is Exhibit A


Food vendors cannot have pets with them on the grounds.

Local Hotels, Food, Attractions:

Please check out Visitor Information on the Ridgefield Chamber’s website

Media Package

Your company’s name, logo, and a link to your website will be posted on our webpage. Our Twitter feed is updated daily with new participants, so this info will be posted on Twitter as well as soon as you commit. This is also true for several Facebook pages (Ridgefield, Ridgefield Rotary, Lounsbury House) and for the Ridgefield Hamlet Hub. In addition, you’ll receive a bookmark-type brochure for distribution to your customers.